Agent and Distributor Marketing

If your business exports, agent and distributor marketing communications needs to be designed and delivered in a way that gives autonomy to your network under strict brand guidance. This requires a robust strategy to ensure your brand doesn’t become fragmented and diluted across the globe. At Voice, we work with brands that export both products and services across the globe and as such, having a robust, adaptable branding system and marketing strategy is paramount to agent and distributor marketing communications.

5 tips on agent and distributor marketing communications

  1. Make sure you have brand, marketing and creative frameworks and toolkits available for your agents and distributors to use which helps with proposals, presentations and meetings. This can be as simple as a shared dropbox folder with your identity systems, fonts, digital and printed assets – or depending on the size of your organisation you could have an asset management system with artwork files for adaption across language, market intelligence and customisation.
  2. Communicate regularly with your agent and distributor network to gather feedback – good and bad, which can help the evolution of your agent and distributor marketing communications. It also gives you insight into how effective your marketing communications is performing. Depending on the size of your business, you could even hold an annual agents and distributors conference.
  3. Depending on your business and industry, make sure you have a suite of appropriate photography that can be used to support your marketing communications. It might sound obvious, but you will be surprised at the stories we come across. Think about the different cultures and what’s acceptable for that territory.
  4. Translation of copy can be extremely important to agent and distributor marketing communications when local language and nuances can be beneficial when selling. This isn’t a job for Google translate unfortunately. Invest in a translation agency that have expertise in your territories of choice.
  5. To retain brand integrity across agent and distributor marketing communications, always have a brand guardian that will ultimately sign off any marketing or brand led communications that your agents or distributors create. This ensures your brand maintains the integrity it needs and standards remain consistently high.

If your business exports and you would like to discuss not only agent and distributor marketing communications, but wider brand structure and development please take a look at some of the work we do and contact us. 

Image source: unsplash

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