Brand Consistency

Achieving brand consistency across your marketing communications can often be overlooked. It’s probably something you’ve not even considered, and only when something goes wrong, or someone points something out – it becomes a priority. As a brand agency, Voice are often asked to either look at a brand development programme, or audit an existing brand to recommend steps you can take internally to achieve brand consistency. Below are some tips which you can take and feed back to your brand and marketing teams.

5 tips on achieving brand consistency across marketing communications

  1. Collate all communications both printed and digital, stick them on a wall and observe in detail how consistent they all look as a suite of material.
  2. How does the brand identity appear across the suite of communications? Look at the positioning and scaling of the brand identity across various communication piece sizes. Have you a rule for calculating the size and scale of your brand identity in your guidelines?
  3. Typography is the same. Look at the type style, weight and positioning of type in relation to each other. Headline copy, body copy, leading and tracking. Consistent or not? Again, is this in your guidelines? Are there design frameworks available that can be distributed across your agency network to achieve consistency?
  4. Colour across printed communications can often differ from printer to printer. This is down to different paper stocks and ink density when printed. Choose a paper stock that represents your brand and work with your printer on achieving master sheets of colour, graphic definition and photography tone that you can benchmark your brand on moving forwards.
  5. Always have a brand guardian to approve ALL printed and digital communications across your brand. Having this person in place that understands all the above and more will have a huge positive impact on brand consistency.

If you’re interested, take a look at some of the brand work we’ve actioned for our clients.

If you are struggling with keeping your brand consistent in your business, or if you would like to talk about how to create a framework for your brand moving forwards, please contact us. We would love to talk.

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