Brand development

Brand development programme

A brand development programme will typically follow a number of stages. At Voice, we have defined our own methodology and process called real world thinking. Our insight-driven real world thinking process draws out what genuinely matters in your market, in your business and to your customers, so we become immersed in your world.

There are a number of key stages in our brand development programme which translate in to key drivers for the brand. These drivers must be:

Credible: Relate to believable competencies and image
Relevant: Relate to our audiences with messages that are important and pertinent
Unique: Our brand needs to be unique to us and differentiating in the market place
Sustainable: We need to ensure that both the strategic and design solutions have longevity

To own a credible market position, brands must be built and interrogated against target audience needs, the market dynamics and both domestic and if relevant international landscapes. Once we know what people/organisations want and how to own this within the market place we can look at our activities and interests for ways in which a new positioning can be achieved.

Learning and Planning

Company Overview History and heritage, Plans for the future, Company business plan.
Product(s) and Service(s) overview What are they, what are the benefits, who buys them?
Business Operations Sector overview, competition.

Message Articulation/ Brand Proposition

A strong positioning will lead to winning the battle of the mind with the target audiences. The challenge is to come up with a proposition that makes our target audiences across domestic and the wider globe tick, one strong enough to transcend business, culture and attitude. This will involve developing a clearly articulated proposition that is easily understood both internally and externally, domestically and internationally.

From this we can determine the following:
Clearly differentiated over arching proposition statement, Unique vision, mission and values, Key message articulation, Tone of voice, Visual identity considerations, Colourways, Typography

Brand Architecture

Complex brands have relationships that exist on a number of different levels within the multiple offerings a company could have. It’s therefore critical that the brand sits at the heart of all communications in order to convey its importance. By doing this we ensure that no matter what the message, credit is always attributed to the parent brand in the appropriate manner.

The architecture will be used as a blueprint, both internally and externally, to clearly define the priority, proposition and point of difference for all the brands products and services.

Brand Execution

Deliverables on all visual aspects of the brand. This stage will include a print test of the logotype and any other brand elements on a range of paper stocks and finishes.

Management and review

Ongoing management is crucial of any new brand development programme to ensure:

  • Impact and clarity of message is delivered
  • Tonality of brand and message against target audiences is reached
  • Application of identity is consistent
  • Overall brand experience against proposition is maximised
  • Further recommendations/opportunity as the brand matures over the first 12-18 months

For information about how we’ve implemented brand development programmes for our clients, visit our real work page.

Or feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions.

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