Brand Guidelines

The importance of brand guidelines for your business mustn’t be underestimated. The integrity of your brand must be maintained by everyone that has an involvement in brand related activity – and a comprehensive set of guidelines should explain how to achieve the best for your brand. The level of detail you need in this document will vary depending on your business size, the complexity of your brand identity system and if you have multiple sub-brands that need to be included too.

At a basic level, your brand guidelines should include the following:

  1. An understanding of the brand, the proposition – what the brand stands for and the values the business ‘subscribes’ to.
  2. How to use your brand identity. With this, you will include minimum size recommendations, exclusion zones, full/single colour usage and of course what not to do with with the brand identity.
  3. The brand colours you can use. These should be broken down into Pantone colours (if applicable) CMYK, RGB and HEX colours for web applications.
  4. Typography. The fonts you can use for the brand, variations and usage.
  5. Photography. Rules around art-direction, post production, placement and useage
  6. General layout and example brand application layouts (Stationery, Presentations, Advertising, Web pages etc)
  7. The most important step of all – APPROVALS. You must have a brand champion (this could be internal, or external) that signs off ALL brand related communication before going into production.

At an entry level, these are some of the points that your designer/agency should be advising you on. The more you can emotionally invest in your brand the better. You want to be able to review your branded items and see consistency flowing throughout.

If you would like to talk about brand guidelines for your business, review an existing set of guidelines – or just a general chat about branding in general, please contact us, we would be happy to help.


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