Content marketing for manufacturing brands

Content marketing for manufacturing brands should be an integral part of your sales and marketing strategy if you’re directly involved with the manufacturing industry. With globalisation and competition across the manufacturing sector, marketeers need to invest more in content and the value it brings to your manufacturing company.

Content marketing for manufacturing brands should be seen as activity across a select period of time – from weeks, months and even years. Once committed though, you must remain in the game for the long haul. Many companies will find this hard to digest as there can be a huge investment of time and resource in order to get traction with brand exposure, interaction and sales – obviously this is dependent on a number of factors. Supply and demand, competition vs niche etc.

5 tips to help start content marketing for manufacturing brands

  1. One is better than zero. Just start. Simple. Write a piece of content about a product or service, a case study in the form of a short film or a blog post. Get this distributed across your social and marketing channels.
  2. Think about the audience. What questions are people searching for to allow your piece of content to appear in their search results?
  3. How can you capture data? Do you offer a fair exchange of an email address, name or telephone number in return for your downloadable content?
  4. Make this a weekly task and have KPI measurement across the business.
  5. Measure your results. What are you trying to achieve? Sales? Brand exposure etc?

A business that are producing content for manufacturing brands is Plastribution. The know-how sub-brand we created is an extension of their core proposition allowing their expertise to flow through multiple channels in the form of up-to-date price reports and intelligence, technical guides and training aids, to name a few.

With such a huge collection of valuable content, the need to collate, distribute and understand what users wanted to read was extremely important.

The know-how hub allows users to sign up and specify their industry interests and preferences for instant access to relevant content. This also gives us the opportunity to notify users when relevant content is available for them to read. As with all our digital products, the hub is accessible on tablet and mobile formats for todays ‘on the go’ consumers.

Learn more about the know-how hub or contact us today if you would like to talk to us about content marketing for manufacturing brands.


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