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Business has changed … forever. We’re constantly connected and accessible via technology and digital means. The problem is, most businesses haven’t embraced digital. I don’t mean just updating your website to be responsive, or tweeting the odd piece of content now and again, I’m talking about digital business tools.

At Voice, we take a commercial look at creativity. Always. We’re not in the business of providing graphic and digital design for the sake of it. It needs a purpose, a role and – to generate results. Usually delivering results to the bottom line. We focus on digital business tools for our clients.

We’ve been working hard for our clients over the last few months launching digital products that have business and sales roles. Whether that’s to help sales teams understand more about products and services that are available, having the ability to introduce prospects to other business units, provide key insight and intelligence for personnel on the road or helping to deliver slick, meaningful presentation tools.

The other side of the coin is to create digital tools that help your own customers. We’ve been working with a client recently to develop a web portal that offers their clients value added information such as tender alerts, marketing material, brand assets and more. They don’t charge for this service, it’s just a way of deepening relationships and giving something back to help out.

The point here is think laterally. How could a digital tool or product help your business or your customers? How could a digital tool or product make your day more productive? How could you interact with customers in a more compelling and meaningful way? If you have an idea for a digital too for business and want to chat something though, write me a letter… Only kidding. Contact us here or give me a call on 0116 239 6661.

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