Internal Brand Communications

We’ve been working on a digital product here for nearly 12 months which has inspired me to write this post on Internal Brand Communications. The company is a huge multi-national with 1000’s of employees in various UK locations. Internal Brand Communications is key for them.

So many companies focus on their External Brand Communications and forget about their most important assets – their employees and stakeholders. How many times have you performed an Internal Brand Communications audit over the last 12 months? Doubt it’s even crossed your mind. Don’t worry – this is common.

Why it matters

Brand advocates in the form of employees and internal stakeholders hold the key to how your brand is thought of and regarded. Their take on your brand can (and will) have a huge impact on front line operations from customer service, sales and aftercare. The bottom line is your reputation could be at stake.

Act now

Get a sense of how your brand is perceived internally. Conduct brand related interviews with employees – everyone matters and has a voice. Don’t just involve management, get to the front line. Do this at a one-to-one level. This can avoid politics, misconceptions and influences that could have a detrimental effect to the process.

Make sure your Internal Brand Communications are visible for everyone to understand and subscribe to.

  1. Make your vision, mission, values and proposition visible so everyone in the business can read and understand. At every level, every task should live up to these notions.
  2. Make sure you have a brand book available for everyone in the business. Cover culture, proposition, values, mission and vision – all the way down to how to answer the phone.

Digital Tools

If your organisation is large enough, think about how your Internal Brand Communications are distributed through internal digital products. This may be covered in your Intranet, but in the case of the product we’re working on – this manifested itself into a pan-european app where internal brand content admins have the ability adapt and evolve the app on the fly. The obvious cost savings are huge – a 100% removal of print and out of date information. There’s also the added benefit of adding functionality that the user will benefit from. For example, customisation of their home feed. Giving the user the autonomy to customise their digital experience and choose what’s most important to them. With more and more people working remotely – away from a desk, mobile and on the go, these tools can keep internal brand communications high, when ‘internal working’ is at an all-time low. By adding analytics to internal digital products you can analyse the performance of the product in relation to brand matters. Both positive and negative.

If you need help with your Internal Brand Communications, get in touch and let’s have a chat. 

Image source: unsplash

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