Marketing for the manufacturing industry

Growth is returning to the British manufacturing sector.

The advancement in technology, alongside an improving economy is giving a continued boost to the manufacturing industry. As a result, it’s giving raise to more opportunities for manufacturers to seize. The otherside of this is the consequential increase in competition. Adding complication to that is the changing balance of power in the sales process; from your salespeople knocking on doors, to the buyer having a wealth of information available to him or her. Marketing for the manufacturing industry has never been more important.

Now, first off let me get this straight. When I talk about marketing, I’m not suggesting pretty pictures, leaflets to bombard your customers with, or billboards boasting of your prowess. Marketing for the manufacturing industry has moved on, like every sector, technology, tastes and the millennial generation have forced us to adapt to market conditions and changing buying cycles. What I mean by marketing is finding and utilising the best way to leave a consistent and lasting impression on your market using the appropriate marketing channels.

A lot of manufacturers I find will argue that marketing is not an affective use of their resources, and it fails to show a return on investment in their markets. This is where sales and marketing teams need to work in unison. Today, aligning sales and marketing is potentially the largest opportunity for improving business performance. When sales and marketing align around a single goal, they can improve marketing ROI, sales productivity and more importantly an increase in your bottom line.

So to wrap up, marketing now more than ever has an importance to manufacturing. Here are a few tips.

Target the right market for your products and make sure your plan is realistic, achievable and profitable. Create a set of buying personas for your customers, understand their needs, worries, challenges and goals – and create compelling content and messaging relevant to each one.

Whitepapers/Industry reports
Become an expert or thought leader within your market. By offering these value added items you’re instantly gaining the trust of companies that are looking for your solution. However, be mindful of their buying cycles and understand where they sit.

The importance of a strong brand
I’m not talking about your logo here. Brand runs so much deeper than that. Especially in the manufacturing sector where competition is on the rise, global is the new normal and price can often make or break a deal. A genuine connection between your business culture and real external buying motives, achieves delivery against what you promise to stakeholders and customers. And, the role of sales can be fed directly from this process of discovery.

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