Sales and marketing for growth

One of the biggest challenges our clients face is aligning sales and marketing for growth. At Voice, we work with you to ensure marketing spend has a clear and tangible commercial benefit. We’ve applied the best of what we’ve learned from our backgrounds in demanding corporate and creative environments to develop our real world thinking approach to collaborating with clients. This thinking underpins everything we do.

Contributing to your bottom line

Whether you want more customers, more revenue or more profit, we evaluate our work based on whether it will deliver. And, it all starts with understanding your commercial goals. If, for example you have sales challenges, we speak to front line sales to understand the market and business landscape – and what tools they have to sell. Front line feedback is crucial in understanding whether marketing tools and tactics are working. Sales and marketing alignment sometimes goes missing.

Sales and marketing for growth

Another aspect of aligning sales and marketing for growth is to understand what marketing channels your prospects are receptive to. If you sell a highly technical product or service, chances are a powerpoint presentation on an old PC laptop may not cut it. Feed this information back into your marketing and creative teams. Discuss and adapt. Sales and marketing efforts need to dovetail into one another. Be agile and quick to adapt to market conditions and intelligence.

Every touch point within your sales and marketing needs documenting and assigning to a team member to ‘own’ through a CRM system. Customising your CRM system is critical for your own business, so ensure you have the flexibility to do this. Sales and marketing teams need the flexibility to dial into a CRM system at any point. That means mobile – away from the desk.

Does it look good on mobile?

Digital real estate is small. By that, I mean that computer in your pocket. Your phone. More and more people are on the go, not waiting for you to call or email. The way your sales and marketing efforts look on a mobile device could make or break the next step. Emails, PDF files, presentations and video and web pages. All of this needs to be optimised for mobile.

If you need any advice on sales and marketing for growth, feel free to contact us.


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