Write a Brand Story

There’s a lot of talk about brand stories or brand narrative – but what does this mean to you, your business and specifically, how do you write a brand story? If you think about your personal life and the interactions you have, stories matter. Story telling creates emotions and feelings, which in term forges powerful connections with an audience and the story teller (i.e the brand).

How to write a brand story

Today, consumers have more choices than ever to do business with organisations. The choices they make are largely based on the brand values and the brand story they read which resonates with their own personal values and associations. Some thoughts you could think about from a consumers point of view around your brand story could be:

  • How does your brand make me feel?
  • Do your brand values resonate with my own personal values?
  • Are you authentic? Do I trust you?
  • Will you deliver on your promises?

As a business owner, here are some points to think about when writing your brand story

  • Why did you get into business in the first place. What was the big idea? What’s your purpose?
  • Why is your business credible?
  • What values are instilled in your workforce? How do you behave as a business? What matters on a day to day level (away from making profits)
  • Why should anyone care? What makes your brand story worth listening to? Will it appeal to your audience? Are you authentic?

Understand the value your brand brings to lives

Below are a few examples of how brands are telling their brand stories to connect with audiences.

  1. FANUC Corporation are the world’s largest manufacturer of factory automation. You’ve probably never heard of them? However, chances are your every day interaction has been touched by a FANUC Robot, FACUC Robomachine of FA control system. From technology, automotive, aerospace right through to cosmetics and textiles, the brand story has such an influence with every day modern lives.
  2. CATERPILLAR are investing heavily in content marketing shifting their focus into authentic stories from their employees to convey their culture.
  3. AIRBNB are using short films to position the customer at the heart of the brand – this lets the customer shape the brand to become more human and understanding to fulfil their ‘Belong Anywhere’ proposition.

As consumers become more in tune with the brands they associate with, telling an authentic brand story has never been more important.

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