Tim Harrison

Who am I?

Over 25 years in design and marketing: consultant to agency director.

During my career, I’ve helped organisations including Yamaha, Aston Martin, Caterpillar and FANUC Corporation to position, launch and re-launch their brands and products globally.

Today, I maintain a personal and practical partnership with business leaders who want to identify the most effective ways to use design and communications to grow their business, maximising their marketing investment.

Key abilities


Developing effective design and marketing strategies to deliver commercial success.


Creating distinctive brand propositions that establish true market authority and difference.


Turning varied sales and marketing objectives into organised, multi-channel campaigns.


Identifying and solving problems with your current sales and marketing approach.


Translating complex product and service information into clear and simple messages.


Ensuring maximum returns from every design and marketing investment.
How I work

Redefining sales and marketing for tomorrow’s marketplace.

Every successful business hits a limit. That’s where I step in.

Leveraging technology and innovative sales and marketing strategies, I help your business break through its existing boundaries.

Together, we will redefine how to use brand, design, and marketing more effectively within your organisation, ensuring you are not just ready for today’s challenges but are also prepared for tomorrow’s opportunities.