Brand Consultancy

We've just finished up a very quick and interesting project with a College in a brand consultancy capacity. A previous design agency had been appointed to produce a new brand direction to roll out across a set of marketing communications. For whatever reason, this project wasn't completed and the internal team needed guidance on how to roll the new direction out across both print and digital communications.

Branding for a digital world

The world is changing and fast. Technology is moving at a rate we struggle to keep up with on a day to day level, mobiles, tablets, virtual reality - reality in general. The amount of information we consume on a daily basis is increasing, but our retention rate is decreasing.

Brand Guidelines

The importance of brand guidelines for your business mustn't be underestimated. The integrity of your brand must be maintained by everyone that has an involvement in brand related activity - and a comprehensive set of guidelines should explain how to achieve the best for your brand.

True branding True branding is a collectively held idea of a company by it's customers, stakeholders, employees and anyone else that can form an opinion. There's a real misconception not only in ...

Brand development

Brand development programme A brand development programme will typically follow a number of stages. At Voice, we have defined our own methodology and process called real world thinking. Our insight-driven real ...

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