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  • Brand Design & Strategy
  • Graphic Design & Artwork
  • Packaging Design
  • Web & App Design
  • Domestic & International Marketing Collateral
  • Social Media Asset Creation
  • Film, Photography & Animation
Client Case Study

Hydropath Technology

Uniting a worldwide alliance of partners

Hydropaths’s HydroFLOW technology is a revolutionary clean tech solution that is used worldwide to condition water in a cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly way. The technology eliminates the need for chemicals, reduces scaling and corrosion, and prolongs the lifespan of equipment, resulting in cost savings for domestic and commercial customers.

With best-in-class innovation and leading products in global markets for over 30 years, Hydropath’s proposition, brand and marketing had become diluted and fragmented overtime.

Uncovering the heart of the company, I led the rebranding and relaunch of the HydroFLOW product line and corporate identity, resulting in a cohesive and impactful global marketing presence. Through insightful discussions with key stakeholders and worldwide partners, I gained a deep understanding of the business, its challenges and goals, as well as the unique ways each partner leverages marketing in their respective markets. This informed the creation of a compelling brand proposition.

Having accomplished significant brand and marketing milestones, I continue working closely with the managing director, marketing team, and global partners to drive Hydropath’s success through impactful brand, design, and digital initiatives aligned with the company’s critical strategic and commercial objectives.

Hydropath Brand Identity

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