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  • Copywriting
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  • Interior & Exhibition Design
  • Film, Photography, CGI & Animation
Client Case Study


Empowering Adaptability

Caterpillar, a world-renowned manufacturer in construction and mining equipment, engines, locomotives, and industrial turbines, faced a challenge within its Building Construction Products (BCP) division. This division, responsible for organizing machines by type, size, and class to support a diverse customer base across various industries, sought to enhance its external communication. The aim was to develop a clear and effective message framework and marketing campaign that could stand alongside other divisions at global events, ensuring coherent and powerful communication with customers.

The project was embarked upon with several key objectives in mind, centered around enhancing Caterpillar’s customer communication and marketing effectiveness. The primary goal was to create an adaptable messaging and creative brand toolkit that resonated with the real-world needs of Caterpillar’s diverse customer base. This toolkit needed to empower EMEA dealers to customize local marketing campaigns, enabling them to directly address the specific challenges their customers faced.

Furthermore, it was essential that the campaign be designed for flexibility, ease of use, and the ability to customize, ensuring it could effectively cater to the varied requirements of different industries and local markets. A significant aspect of this initiative was to position BCP machines as the versatile ‘Swiss Army Knife’ within Caterpillar’s product lineup, emphasizing their adaptability and relevance to customer needs and priorities.

Through a collaborative effort with Caterpillar engineers, product teams, and EMEA dealers, a comprehensive marketing and messaging toolkit was developed. This toolkit was designed with flexibility in mind, allowing for customization to meet the specific requirements of different customer segments and local markets. The core concept of the campaign positioned BCP machines as multifunctional tools that can adapt to the diverse needs of customers, similar to a ‘Swiss Army Knife’.

This approach not only facilitated dealers in crafting targeted local marketing efforts but also ensured that the campaign was easily adaptable and could be integrated seamlessly at global events alongside other divisions.

The success of the campaign was evident in its ease of use and the capacity to effectively communicate with a broad spectrum of customers, thereby achieving the set objectives.