Programme of Works

  • Graphic & Packaging Design
  • Material Selection and Consultancy
  • Copywriting & Corporate Strategy
Client Case Study

RDB Concepts

Elevating Partnerships with Precision and Elegance

RDB Concepts, a premier global authority in OS and database solutions, required sophisticated marketing communications tools for their extensive partner network. In response, we designed an exclusive custom partner box tailored to encapsulate key printed materials and facilitate seamless access to presentations and digital content.

Tasked with elevating RDB Concepts’ partner network communications, our goal was to craft a custom partner box that mirrored the high standards and identity of RDB Concepts. The project focused on integrating the brand’s signature colours and premium materials, enhancing partner engagement through luxurious, functional design, and incorporating advanced finishing techniques to innovate and elevate the marketing materials.

The partner box project significantly enhanced RDB Concepts’ marketing approach, aligning perfectly with the brand’s premium image through the use of strategic colours and quality materials. The inclusion of sophisticated design techniques like foiling and embossing not only raised the aesthetic value but also underscored the brand’s focus on quality and innovation. This initiative greatly improved partner relations, positioning RDB Concepts as a leader in innovative marketing within the tech sector.

RDB Concepts Business Cards fedrigoni
fedrigoni RDB Concepts Business Cards
RDB Concepts Business Cards