Full Programme of Works

  • Brand Design & Strategy
  • Graphic Design & Artwork
  • Web Design
  • Domestic & International Marketing Collateral
  • Social Media Asset Creation
  • Film, Photography & Animation
Client Case Study

UTS One7

Ultimate Toolbox Security

International Tool Company specialises in engineering and product development for the global automotive industry. To address the issue of tool theft, they developed the UTS-One7, a robust security system for toolboxes. This system has set a new standard for insurance accreditation.

I was was brought in to assist with naming, branding, marketing, and launch tactics to attract customers and distributors through multi-lingual branding, marketing and digital communications including a website which highlighted crime statistics and toolbox calculator to help users determine the value of their tools.

The brand activation social campaign targeted a specific audience in the USA and Mexico resulting in us engaging with over 500,000 potential customers. Back in the UK, the product was endorsed by on the of the UK’s leading insurance companies.