Full Programme of Works

  • Brand Design & Strategy
  • Graphic Design & Artwork
  • Web Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • Domestic & International Marketing Collateral
  • Photography
Client Case Study

Kenray Global

Ahead Of The Curve

In the fiercely competitive packaging industry, Kenray has long been a global leader, known for its exceptional design and supply of forming sets, tubes, and collars. However, despite its technical excellence, Kenray faced a significant challenge: its visual identity did not mirror the high quality of its products. This disconnect resulted in a competitive disadvantage, with the company losing ground to its rivals. Recognising this critical issue, Kenray sought a transformative solution.

Taking the time to understand the leadership team’s aspirations and challenges, I created a brand which would set Kenray apart from global competition by focusing on the issues that genuinely matter to customers around the world, beginning with the brand line: Perform Better.

Working with the existing colour palette for continuity of recognition, our visual identity references the distinctive shape of the company’s core products and the precision engineering for which Kenray is renowned. With a meaningful brand rolled-out internationally, Kenray is in a position to achieve ambitious global growth objectives.

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